1.5.110101: bug fix and design changes

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1.5.110101: bug fix and design changes

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System Changes:
1.5.102102: Fix set local acls did not working on selected groups when groups are from a connected Active Directory.
1.5.102102: Fix artica did not parse all groups from getent command.
1.5.102019: Add new feature that allow to schedule optimize mysql tables.
1.5.101701: Fix respawning too fast when using artica-iso.
1.5.101601: Fix openvpn server daemon is killed each 6Mns
1.5.101417: Fix Artica think that it is installed on a VPS server when cgroups is installed on the computer. (Tsystem::PROCESS_ISCHROOTED:: -> 1181: it is a chrooted process for VPS "sysdefault" return true)
1.5.101319: Fix bulk notifications when crossroads is installed and wihtout any backend saved.
1.5.101201: Support arpd daemon has a daemon that handle MAC addresses listing.
1.5.101111: Fix artica is unable to retreive the correct hostname.
1.5.101111: Fix root password is reset all times to "artica" when installing Artica trough the ISO
1.5.101111: Fix unable to create tables fetchmail_debug_execute and backup_storages
1.5.101001: Increase system load datas statistics from 7 to 60 days in order to produce statistics by current month
1.5.101001: Fix unable to apply patch automatically
1.5.100723: Fix some artica scripts overload the system.
1.5.100723: Improve the memory history.
1.5.100812: Allow to update automatically patchs
1.5.100812: Add a new section according patchs in the Artica update web page.
1.5.100918: Fix unable to create a correct UidNumber after 10000 number.

Messaging Changes:
1.5.102019: Fix unable to create postfwd2_objects
1.5.101720: Add a new login template for Zarafa Appliance.
1.5.101701: Fix groups created in Artica are not correclty displayed in Zarafa.
1.5.101701: Fix users aliases created in Artica are not displayed in Zarafa.
1.5.101701: Add a check when trying to change the Web server port for Zarafa (if port already opened, the port is not saved)

1.5.101501: Add objects system in Postfwd2 (see http://forum.artica.fr/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=4753)
1.5.101417: Add a new watchdog on cyrus DBERROR: opening *.seen: cyrusdb error
1.5.101417: Add a new watchdog on cyrus Could not open seen state for * (System I/O error)
1.5.101319: Fix bulk notifications vith amavisd 2.7.x on "UNCHECKED contents" (see http://www.mailinglistarchive.com/html/ amavis-user@lists.sourceforge.net This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /2010-12/msg00039.html)
1.5.101201: Add possibility to force Amavis forwarding messages if antivirus is down.
1.5.101201: Fix error Variable $sa_timeout was retired, changing its value has no effect when starting amavis 2.7
1.5.100918: Fix security hole on Zarafa: can have access to mailbox with a wrong password.
1.5.100918: The Zarafa contact importation task is disabled by default and has been modified in order to not overload the server.
1.5.100416: Add zarafaSharedStoreOnly Zarafa token support It allows to turn user to an non-active user
1.5.100416: Auto-Fix PostFix error fatal: master_spawn: exec */postscreen: No such file or directory, The watchdog create a symbolic link to the right binary on the PostFix desired path

FreeWebs changes:
1.5.101319: Add possibility to change the listen address and port in pure-ftpd daemon.
1.5.100420: Fix unable to modify the freeWeb Mysql database name to Fix generated error "Error, the given value execeed: 16"
1.5.100812: Add possibility to add Server aliases for a Website.

Proxy changes:
1.5.102102: Fix misconfigurations when building udfdbguard rules groups
1.5.102019: Improve statistics, include blocked websites.
1.5.101601: Add an automation that smoothly rebuild UfdbGuard config when playing with rules.
1.5.101601: Add possibility to see artica engines events according ufdbguard tasks
1.5.101601: Add possibility to display the content of ufdbguard.conf trough the web interface.
1.5.101601: Fix misconfiguration on ufdbguard.conf: no category set in default rule.
1.5.101601: Fix misconfiguration on ufdbguard.conf artica used the old way to compile file.
1.5.101601: Fix events tab in Filtering database section did not display database tasks events.
1.5.101601: Add a new code that ensure that categories are correctly compiled and builded during building the UfdbGuard configuration file.
1.5.101601: Fix missing "security" category to make ufdbGuard works.
1.5.101319: Fix error adding a group in filtering rule add all groups.
1.5.101319: Fix Table 'squidlogs.xxxx_members' doesn't exist in statistics section.
1.5.101319: Fix (ssl_crtd): Uninitialized SSL certificate database directory: /var/lib/ssl_db. To initialize, run "ssl_crtd -c -s /var/lib/ssl_db". on squid 3.1.15
1.5.101201: Add "Transparent mode limitations" explain text under the transparent Proxy enable/disable section.
1.5.100420: Fix bungled config on missing manager acl.
1.5.100723: Improve Squid statistics.
1.5.101001: Add possibility to delete websites from categories.

Interface Changes:
1.5.101720: Add a new network configuation wizard when NIC settings are note saved into Artica Database.
1.5.101720: Add a browse computers section in network/NIC section.
1.5.101720: Fix 404 not found on DHCP groups and leases tabs.
1.5.101701: Add organization tab in the front page panel.
1.5.101701: Rebuild the listing organization page.
1.5.101417: Improve unity section, add a close button on unity.
1.5.101319: Add possibility to change the Browser Web Interface title.
1.5.101111: Fix 404 Not found on VLAN,SNORT,ROUTES in network section.
1.5.100918: Fix unable to open the bulk importation feature in the group section.

File Sharing changes
1.5.101417: add possibility to modify Samba backends, Winbind Rpc Only, Allow Trusted Domains, Winbind Use Default Domain options
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